The snapshot will be taken at block 11541218, one block before the first major exploited mint.

All below eligible parties and data are determined by the snapshot above.

Parties that are eligible for the new $COVER token

  • COVER-ETH liquidity providers on Uniswap

For COVER-ETH liquidity providers, $YETI, and $YPIE token holders, we will determine the amount of $COVER paired with 1 LP token to determine each address’ COVER “balance” and reward this amount of new $COVER token.

For those who had $COVER on CEXs, we are distributing the new $COVER token (1:1) determined by the exchange’s holdings at the abovementioned block number, how they distribute these tokens is up to their discretion. Binance has already confirmed they will use the same block number to determine eligible users for the new token.

For those who had $COVER in their wallets, the snapshot will determine each user’s $COVER balance and reward the new $COVER token (1:1).

Parties that are eligible to claim ETH

  • COVER-ETH liquidity providers on Uniswap

We will use the snapshot to calculate each user’s ownership percentage of all outstanding COVER LP tokens and distribute the ETH proportionally. We have received a total of 4,441.8 (4,350 + 1 + 90.8) ETH. The final distribution will be the total amount of ETH returned by exploiters to the dev multisig.