Cover Protocol Governance Release

Governance through CIPs

First, any community member can make a proposal (CIP) (Cover Protocol Improvement Plan) by creating a new topic on, following the format here. The proposal will be discussed and voted on prior to being uploaded to Snapshot.

Governance through COVER Gauge Voting

You can vote on the $COVER shield mining rewards for the next period (~ 7 days) on the governance portal, follow instructions on the UI to vote.

  • Voting Start — a target block (shown on UI) will be chosen in advance, which will dictate the start of the current voting session (the upcoming voting period will begin on block 11,460,000).
  • Voting End — voting for the indicated period will end 40,320 blocks (~7 days) after the start block, at which point a new voting session will begin.
  • Voting Power — A snapshot of your $COVER balance and staked $SLP (in the shield mining contact) will be taken at the start block. It will be used as your voting power. You can adjust your vote unlimited times before the deadline.



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