Cover Protocol is excited to announce that the COVER token, migration and shield mining will officially start at November 20th, 12am UTC (November 19th, 7pm EST).

We will update the app to display the shield mining tab once the shield mining starts (the website may take a couple minutes to reflect the changes depending on caching).

Mining Pool 2

Pool 2 will be on SushiSwap’s Exchange and is a 50/50 COVER/ETH pool. By adding COVER and ETH to this pool, you will receive COVER-ETH SLP tokens.

You must then stake the COVER-ETH SLP tokens on the shield mining page at to begin shield mining for pool 2.

Mining Coverage

To shield mine, you must deposit your LP (BPT and/or SushiSwap LP) tokens under the shield mining tab.

If you are adding liquidity on Balancer, please add both sides of liquidity to the pool or you will incur slippage.

For full instructions on how to buy coverage, mint coverage tokens, provide liquidity as a market maker and/or coverage provider you can refer to our user guide or our YouTube playlist.

For full instructions on shield mining, filing a claim and redeeming please refer back to the user guide. A YouTube video will be released as soon as we can for these steps! Subscribe and turn on the alerts button for our YouTube Channel for future tutorials!

Contract Address

To be added once released.