Cover V2 is Here

How does it work?

  • These risks are fully customizable, for example, allowing coverages for a single asset in a pool (USDT), or covering the entire pool (GUSD3crv pool).
  • Each risk will have its own payout percentage in the event of an exploit, some may fully payout, partially payout, or even not payout at all.
  • If no risks are exploited, NOCLAIM is fully redeemable
  • If exploited risks fully payout, NOCLAIM is not redeemable
  • If exploited risks partially payout, NOCLAIM is partially redeemable
  • Mint both CLAIM and NOCLAIM tokens
  • Sell CLAIM tokens on the orderbooks with a limit or market order
  • Keep the NOCLAIM tokens
  • Go to the Cover Pool and find the risks you are exposed
  • Buy CLAIM tokens on the orderbooks with a limit or market order

User Guide

Cover Beta




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Cover Protocol

Cover Protocol

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