Cover V2 is Live on Mainnet

ETH Mainnet — Live


We have deployed one Cover pool for now and will continue to deploy more as gas prices are more reasonable.

Follow the user guide here to learn how to provide and purchase coverages.

Note: Cover V1 can now be accessed at

BSC Mainnet — Partially Live


One pool is deployed on BSC where you can start to mint covTokens.

Unfortunately, orderbook trading of the covTokens is currently not supported on BSC due to the lack of support of orderbooks from 0x. We have been in contact with the team; the timeline to support BSC is undetermined.

As the team is looking for an alternative, we encourage all our community members to share any ideas and suggestions of an alternative trading solution for coverages (cTokens). At the same time, you can OTC trade the covTokens. To facilitate OTC deals, we have created a Discord OTC channel:




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Cover Protocol

Cover Protocol

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