Introduce Credit Default Swaps

What is a Credit Default Swap?

As you may be aware, the Credit Default Swap is the financial tool Michael Burry used to short the mortgage CDOs in 2007, made famous by the movie “The Big Short”. In essence, a CDS is a contract that gives the holder the right to a payment if a debtor does not have the ability to repay a loan within the set guidelines of the credit that is provided. Globally the CDS market is around $4 trillion annually.

Why Credit Default Swaps?

In recent weeks we saw Alpha Homora exploited for $37 million via a lending contract of undercollateralized credit from the Iron Bank. Given that the Alpha team has a large treasury and the ability to honor the loss this will work itself out. However, if Alpha were not able to pay, then the Iron Bank would have been at a loss. This is where a CDS market comes in, to protect lenders like the Iron Bank against default on under-collateralized loans.

Cover and Ruler Collaboration

Ruler Protocol will be one of the first beneficiaries of this service with the introduction of a credit default swap market for its lenders.



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