Launch of Cover Protocol Beta

Cover Community,

Thank you so much for your ongoing support as we build out our vision. That being said, we are pleased to finally announce the beta launch of Cover Protocol!

Beta Details

Disclaimer: There is and will be no shield mining or $COVER rewards in the beta. $COVER token will not be released until November 20th. At the same time, no redeeming fees will be charged before November 20th.

The beta is intended to allow prospective users of the protocol to familiarize themselves and engage with the protocol before the official launch on November 20th. However, the beta is still fully functional and will follow the same procedures in the case of a reported exploit.

At beta launch, we will only support one protocol and one expiry for coverage (the farming launch will support many more protocols). We are restricting the number of protocols and expiries at launch to allow sufficient and concentrated liquidity for testers and to catch any bugs with as few moving parts as possible. However, we will slowly roll out more protocols and/or expirations throughout the beta period to increase the scope of the protocol before farming starts.

Initial Supported Protocol: Curve

Initial Supported Expiry: November 15th, 2020 12:00 AM UTC

We welcome all feedback during the beta stage so that the official launch of Cover is met with a fully satisfied user group of the protocol.

*Cover Protocol is still in beta. Our smart contracts have been audited and approved for the beta launch by PeckShield. However, please exercise caution while using the protocol as we are not responsible if funds are lost.

How to use Cover Protocol?

We’ve written up an extensive user guide for those who want to test and participate in the beta round.

User Guide Link

All the materials can be found on our website.

Contract Addresses

ClaimManagement: 0xF52B078B3Db7e2253a803f09F1a2EEE0412c9aC2
Protocol Factory: 0x45D619A4804B82c3af4c24Ccb460068a8A0D8D6a
Protocol Implementation: 0xcC3B67F3AC058E376E839567a3B6e9f0D62Df74D
Cover Implementation: 0x1349c51B28772F725e193c21597C0a41A715D504
covToken Implementation: 0xD84FDb46420a21dF9d4C14f6dD0c5881Ca052942