New COVER Token Launch

Hello COVER Community,

The COVER (new) token(s) can now be claimed. Please refer to the compensation plan in the Medium post to see if you are eligible to claim COVER (new) token(s).

The following claim options are available:

  1. SAFE: under the COVER tab — 1 SAFE = 0.9 COVER (new)
    Only SAFE held prior to Oct 1st 12:00AM UTC is eligible
  • COVER-ETH liquidity providers on Uniswap

Official Token Addresses

DO NOT send any tokens to these addresses, you must use the claims portal:

How to Claim

Step 1: Go to the claims portal.

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Step 2: Click an option tab that fits your situation. You may be eligible for more than one of these options — just check with your address(es). If you are eligible click claim/migrate depending on which option tab your under. NOTE: SAFE claiming is under the COVER tab

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Step 3: Press claim or migrate depending on the option tab you are under/eligible for.

We would like to give special thanks to everyone involved in helping us and giving their devoted support during this unfortunate event. This goes out to the whole Yearn Ecosystem along with all of our community members and users who stood by the team.

Going forward we will be following better practices to ensure risk is mitigated and our contracts are as secure as can be. Our future plans can be found in this Medium post which highlights our road ahead. Our community is strong, our team is strong and the vision has not changed.

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